About Us

SC City Instal SRL was founded in 2007 when it entered the market of construction installation services, shortly reaching the top of solution integrators for installation from Romania. Moreover, it made itself noticed through the turnkey projects by executing air-conditioning, electrical, sanitary and thermal installation both at national and international level. In the last 2 years City Instal has executed electrical installations for LC WAIKIKI stores from the following countries: Poland (Katowice), Morocco (Marrakesch) and Ukraine (Kiev).

SC CITY INSTAL became SC CITY INSTAL INTERNATIONAL SRL in 2012 by moving its headquarters in Pantelimon, Ilfov county.

Even from the beginning SC City Instal SRL has established as its main objective the satisfaction of its clients’ needs by providing them high-quality products and services and by having highly-skilled staff.

Our staff’s talent and skills are determined by their ambition and orientation to new solutions, as well as:

  • their experience in negotiating, oriented to client satisfaction;
  • our offers in complete packages (execution of electrical, thermal, sanitary and air-conditioning installations);
  • Facility management.

Our aims are:

  • Identifying the needs, requests and exigency of our clients;
  • Following the deadlines of our projects and offering prompt delivery of equipments;
  • Correct instruction of our clients regarding the use of products and prompt technical support;
  • Maintaining connection with our clients after finalizing the project in order to assure of their satisfaction by service/maintenance activity.

Facility Management is an interdisciplinary domain dedicated to maintaining commercial and institutional buildings, such as mall centres, office buildings, business parks, logistic parks, hotels, resorts, schools, stadiums or congress centres. We can mention some of the tasks: maintaining electric, air-conditioning and lighting systems, which are part of technical maintenance; space management, decorating, reception, caring for green spaces and their security are part of this domain. The technical aspects of these services are usually surveilled by BMS (Building Management System).

Our main role is to coordinate and supervise the safety of the operations carried out and the maintenance of our clients’ goods in an efficient manner as costs are concerned, in order to keep a long-term value of the building. Moreover, there are other tasks, such as assuring that the proximity space is adequately cleaned, cared for and sanitized for the tenants and also security tasks, which are related to preventing stealing, vandalizing and keeping a safety environment for the tenants and visitors.